Friday, September 21, 2012

Rhett & Megan - Bridals (with the groom!)

This was such a wonderfully fun shoot!  Beautiful couple, wonderful lighting, outstanding scenery and a bride that was willing to go somewhere I only DREAMED I would get a bride to go!  She was so awesome!!!  Thanks, Megan, for making my dream become reality!  The moment I stepped into that spot, I wanted to take a bride there...  (My husband thought it would never happen... but it did!  Yay!)
GREAT couple...  Rhett, you were such a good sport about everything I had you do!  You rock!


 Laying in sticks, bugs, dirt... workin' out my abs... yes! TOTALLY worth it!  Caught the sun!
One of my most favorite bridal shots of all time!


Makell Wintle said...

Wow loving this shoot! Well done.

linda said...

oh my gorgeousness! Amazing!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful couple, Amazing landscape, keep up the excellent work Faun.Love your work!