Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cameron's Senior Pics - round one

Cameron is one very talented guy... I could listen to him play his violin for hours; I wish he'd just practice at my house. (hint hint)  Cameron is in the "One Voice" group, plays basketball & baseball, is a sterling scholar candidate, an actor and so much fun to be around!   These are a few of the fun shots... more to come.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Four Generations and Family...

I always have fun taking pictures because I LOVE people.  Now and again while on photo shoots, I have experiences that I truly cherish...  This was one.  I had the incredible opportunity to meet Bill, age 88 and his lovely wife, Lucy, age 90, who have been married 66 years.  Watching the way they treated each other, looked at each other brought such a warm feeling...  The instant you meet them, you love them.  They are the parents of a sweet lady that taught my children piano lessons, Monte!  Monte’s darling daughter, Alicia, set up this shoot to get a four-generation photo...  her adorable daughter happens to be named after her grandmother and great-grandmother.  Raylynne at Serenity Springs was so accommodating to let us do a photo shoot there.  Thank you!   ...and thank you, Alicia, for giving me the opportunity to meet your grandparents!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

WHS Cheerleaders 2010-2011

Darling, fun girls! Only one missing but she will be posted soon!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Life is great... but along the way there are a few not-so-fun moments. 
A few things I don't particularly care for:  kids growing up too fast, stink bugs, wrinkles, and saying good-bye...   My husband told me that I need to quit making friends because the minute I love someone, they up and move!  (You friends know who you are!)  Well, I can't help myself... and I did it again and once again... they ARE moving very far away.  Thank heavens for the Internet so I can see a little of how these adorable children grow up and through fb, I can read the funny things they say and do.  I will miss seeing these darling faces and good visits with Julie and I'll even miss the BIG man!  Thank you for moving to WC, for creating fond memories, for bringing happiness to all who know you... You will certainly be missed., excuse me while I go get a tissue...

Love you guys!
To see the entire photo shoot, check here!

A few friends...  saying "We love you, Julie" and "You should NOT move, Julie!"  Pretty sure that's what I heard!