Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Kyle & Janessa - Engagements!

Kyle & Janessa spent some time with me around Kyle's family farm.  I thought we hit the lottery when we had an OLD Ideal Dairy truck and an old furniture truck to shoot by!  haha!  This shoot proves you can find awesome color even in the dead of winter...  BUT we did about freeze to death!  Congratulations you two!

Love the wood grain!  ...well, yes I do!   And how cute are they?
 This beautiful furniture belongs to Kyle's sweet grandmother.  


...a little bit of neck kissin'!  ;o)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Greg & Sarah - Round 2 wedding day in Arizona

Well, I kind of feel bad these two are married because I'm not going to have any more excuses to go hang out with them...  They are so much fun!  They had a beautiful wedding day and it's very difficult to just post a few from the day.  Here's the first and second part of our time together.
Beautiful venue...
...they are now husband and wife!

Love the bride and groom's faces!  HAHA!

Strutting their stuff!

They fell for each other through letters... before they even met.  How romantic is that?
Beautiful displays were everywhere!

The bride's room...
Lovely luncheon...
Vintage tags made by Chelsea Childs... Awesome!

I just loved this shot!
Cutting their beautiful cake...
How do I pick just a few from the day... so hard!

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Stephanie is a graduate of WHS and is now graduating from BYU in accounting.   She doesn't get to WC very often but this time her grandma surprised her with a photo shoot!  In all the hours I spend editing photos, I brainstorm new ideas to try...  I had wanted to take someone to some ice and so that is exactly what we did!   There were moments the ice would crack or groan and we'd freak out (a little) but it sure made for a fun memory... ;o)  So here are a few from our time together!
The lighting wasn't perfect but I think it turned out pretty fun on the ice!

Too cute!

What a doll!  Congratulations, college graduate!!!