Friday, September 22, 2017

Adrie and her sweet family

Getting babies here is a big job and at times it's harder for some.  This stunning mother wanted to celebrate this baby with some beautiful images and I think we succeeded!  So beautiful!

Kailee's Senior Pictures

When we were talking about things she loved, the American Flag was at the top of the list.  I just so happen to love it as well so I was all sorts of excited to use it in our photo shoot!  We had such a great time with beautiful weather and her amazing mom (who I love to pieces).

Tanner's Senior Pictures

Guess what he loves?  haha!  Oh man, this was a super-fun photo shoot and I had just a tad bit of fun playing in photo shop!  This young man is headed soon to serve a mission and he will be so awesome!

Petree Family

Boy what a fun family and a beautiful time of year to capture them!  It's been awesome getting to know this family and am so so so SO happy they live here!  Great examples of service and love and I'm lucky to know them!