Sunday, October 27, 2013

Tyson and Kayla - Engagements

I don't know how I get to have this job that I happen to love and keep having sessions like this one... feeling pretty lucky!  Had a GREAT time with this darling couple!  OH MY GOODNESS they're cute!

Bethany - Senior Pics

Love doing "different" senior shoots~!  I happened to know Bethany bow hunts so I thought we might have some fun with that... turns out we DID and they turned out pretty cool.  At least I love them!  Bethany is beautiful!  WOW!
Toni was a great assistant and it was a great time... 

Mike & Callie - Bridal/Groomal

Loved spending time with this cute couple!  Turns out my husband is also a great assistant... Thank, hon'!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Bryson and Anna - Engagements

I've watched this handsome guy grow up... I cannot even tell you how awesome he!  I'm so happy he found the love of his life.  It was great spending time with the two of them... such a darling couple!