Sunday, February 24, 2013

Potter Family and Missionary Pics

This awesome family has a missionary going to Africa for two years... so it was time to get family pics before he left!    I enjoyed every minute with them!

 One of his favorite scriptures... 
 He was playing around and I happened to love it! 

 It's a big world but ONE can make a difference... way down in Africa. 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Chappell Family

 This is just the cutest little family!  Seems like yesterday I was watching this dad growing up...  His darling wife is a stewardess, so we had some fun with airplanes.  LOVE the airplane the kids ride on... oh. my. gosh. cute!   Thanks for spending time with me!!!

 She didn't want much to do with the balloons but loved the sucker!  lol
Little future captains!

 Guess who's 3?!  I love how kids hold their fingers when they are showing you how old they are!

 We had some fun throwing airplanes!
I love when babies study their little hands... SO CUTE!

 Cute brothers... wish you could see their shirts.  BIG BRO and LITTLE BRO  :)
Put her in her daddy's lap and then she'll smile!  Such a little daddy's girl!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Caroline - Senior Pics

Had the best time with this sweet girl...  I love meaningful pictures and this first picture is one taken in her grandmother's fur coat.  She wore it on her mission to Russia.  Caroline is stunning in it!
Want to give a shout out to Stewart... hair and make-up artist extraordinar!

 Not only is Caroline beautiful, she is so smart and an avid reader.  It was appropriate to take a photo in the library!

Caroline also plays the piano... don't you love this antique piano?!

 Ahhh... Caroline!  What a beautiful girl!

 Don't you just love a girl and her pony?