Sunday, December 18, 2016

Bridger's Senior Pics

He's a hunter, a fisherman, a wrestler and an all-around GREAT young man!  What a pleasure meeting and opening time with him.  LOVED this session too!  

Bradbury Family

I can't say I have a favorite shoot because I have TOOOOO many I LOVE!  This is one of those...  Just such a great family... we made some awesome memories!

Blackham Family

What can I say... I just love this little family!!!  The sums it up.  Thanks for making some more FUN memories with me!

Abbey's Senior Pictures

Oh my goodness, I had SO much fun with Abbey and her mom!  If I could photograph dancers every day, I probably would because it is SO much fun!  I love the creative aspect of photography the most and they allow me to just go crazy... so much fun.  The weather was absolutely CRAZY, rain coming down in sheets as I drove to our session and thankfully, it stopped and we had an amazing time!