Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Jason & Kandice - Engagements!

I am so happy for Kandice & Jason!  It was great spending time with them and getting to know Jason a little...  I was happy to inform him how lucky he is! ...pretty sure he already knows  ;o)  We were chasing the light and the vehicle broke down for a few minutes... let's just say, it was never a dull moment!!!   Thanks, Sherry, you were amazing in a crisis!   Here are just a few from the day. Congratulations, you two!!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Erik & Emily - Bridals with the groom!

Round two with this cute couple.  Fish Lake is such a beautiful place...  I have never done bridals there before so it was different and fun.   I had been telling them I wanted them to get in a boat... and if that wasn't funny!  Emily just knew she was going to end up in the water and Erik just played along tipping the boat!   Haha!  Good time with the Brinkerhoff's!  (Well soon to be!)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

MacKenzie's Bridals

I'm in love with this shoot!  MacKenzie is stunning... this first photo she didn't know I was taking.  She was just trying to step across the creek... and the lighting was so beautiful on her!   It went from crazy NOT good lighting to AMAZING lighting in a minute!  So, I'm running around tripping on barbed wire trying to get the beautiful bride, the horse, the angle, the PHOTO the way I want it... kind of funny!   Fortunately, it all fell into place and did I say I'm in love with this shoot?  Well, I am.
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