Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Flower Shoot

Well, let me start by giving credit to all those that helped me with the creating of the giant flowers...
My sweet husband who spent hours helping, my sweet Chaley, my good friend Monica and her darling girls JaCee and Jentry for helping...  Myriah, all the gals at Linda's Home Decor and others for cheering me on!  ;o)   Thank you all SO much!  

Myriah did an amazing job, YET AGAIN, with make-up, hair and clothing...  Such a FUN shoot!   I love working with Myriah!

I am in-love with the ballerina pose!

BELOW:  Close up of Myriah's beautiful hair creation...  She designs and sells amazing accessories!
I will be doing shoots with these flowers in the future with all girls small to tall...  can't wait!  If you want to participate, message me on facebook!  I will keep you posted....

Monday, March 26, 2012

Vintage Shoot

My great friend, Myriah, came again and boy did we have FUN!  We did three different looks throughout the day and I decided to post them separately (plus it's a lot to edit and people want to see)!  Myriah took Faith to the 1920's, Megan to the 1930's and Lauren to the 1940's!  She designed their looks completely... hair, make-up, clothes!  PLUS she makes the beautiful pieces in the girl's hair.  She is SO talented!  Thank you so much for coming and having yet another amazing, FUN shoot!   ....stay tuned for more to come!

Faith - 20's
 Lauren - 40's
Megan - 30's

Friday, March 23, 2012

The Reynold's Family!

This little mini-session is of my darling friend, Larene and her super-cute, super-smart kids!  This sweet lady is one of those people that just bumping into her can totally make your day.  She has always been so positive and positively hilarious!  I wonder if she missed her calling as a comedian... there's still time, Larene!  I sure love being around her...
Do you like it in color?

Found some stick horses and just HAD to ride them!  Love this family!

Or do you like it in color?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Aaron & Brandie - Bridal/Groom

This great couple came all the way from Virginia to be married in this beautiful temple!  Aaron has two more years of law school and Brandie is attending school back there as well...  awesome!   I had such a great time with these two; they were just the sweetest!  Congratulations!'s a few from our day.