Saturday, July 28, 2012

Potter Family

I loved this shoot... the littlest man had all kinds of awesome ideas for me when I arrived!  I think I've found myself an assistant!  In the end, I wanted to just take him home with me... so cute!  Well, what can I say about this handsome family?  Wendy is surrounded by some pretty good-lookin' guys!
 How awesome is this buggy?  It has been in his family for years... it is in beautiful condition!

 I got a few fun photos of this good-lookin' boy and his dog!  Here's just one...
 Don't you just want to eat this kid up?

 This is their very own fishing pond!  How cool is that?

 A lot of memories in this playhouse now turned chicken coupe!  I thought it was awesome and worth a photo...  ;o)
 Love how "BUDDIE" the dog is looking up at "his" family!  So cute!

Thanks for a really fun evening in such a beautiful yard with the some great people!

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