Saturday, July 7, 2012

Andrew & Tayler - Engagements

OH my goodness!  I love my job!  Especially when I get to spend time with people like this...  These two drove from Provo on one of the hottest days and their air-conditioner in their car went out.  They were pretty much melted by the time they arrived!  NOT fun... but when we went out shooting, we had the BEST time!  They were pretty much smiling the entire time (plus a lot of kissing!)  HA! I had a hard time choosing which to post.  Such a fun, cute couple!
 After telling me they couldn't do "serious", they gave me this look!  Oh yeah... they can do "serious"!
 We got a lot of fun ones on the swing!

 This has some lyrics of the song "Marry Me" on it... what he sang when he proposed!  Ahhhhh....

Thanks for spending time with me!  Congratulations and I have NO DOUBT you will have a wonderful life together!

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linda said...

what a cute couple! I love the scenery in the last shot, beautiful!