Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lamb Family

What a great group of kids... (That includes Jim & Toni!)  Thirteen isn't even all of them, but at least we got this many!  Jim & Toni are the most generous, compassionate, sweet people; where there is need for a volunteer, they are there.  Great example to us all.

 The boys...
 OH so CUTE!

 Toni wanted a photo in the fields with Thousand Lake Mountain in the background.  I can see why she wanted that...  We live in the most beautiful place!
 I just had to put these... she is such a funny, darling little girl!  Oh my goodness!

Thanks for spending some fun times with me! 

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Jeanette said...

This is such an amazing family. Truly great people, a good example to us all... Love the pictures...

We love you guys!

Dan & Jeanette