Sunday, February 12, 2012

JaCee's Senior Pics!

OK... I know a lot that look at this blog are probably wondering if that is really her hair color.  Answer is YES and WOW, right?  This little beauty belongs to some dear friends of mine...  When her mom told me that she made her a cape, I honestly stayed up at night so excited to take pictures with JaCee in her cape!  She was such a little trooper because this shoot goes down on record as one of the coldest.   You're a doll, JaCee...!
LOVE it!

Monica's favorite tree!  ;o)

Looks like she is the opposite of Red Riding Hood...  her beautiful red hair and white cape, looking for the wolf!


linda said...

Wow! Stunning! I want to borrow that cape and re-do my wedding just so you can take my wedding pictures, in that cape, and edit out all my wrinkles.

I love the new look of your blog! Darling graphics!

Alynn said...

I am so impressed with your photography I am waiting for spring and I really want to set something up for my family!!!

Kristin said...

*love* each and every one of these!! are simply amazing!


Preschool Math Online said...

wow! you look too sexy!