Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dallon & Natalie - wedding!

Remember when I did the engagements for this cute couple? CLICK HERE... Well, their beautiful day arrived just like that... beautiful!  The weather was perfect!   Congratulations you two!
So romantic... love this shot!
What a beautiful temple!

Can she get any prettier?
The rings are hiding in the flowers!  haha!  Can you spy them?

Love her sassy pink shoes!

...and they'll live happily ever after!


Janette said...

They are so cute. Can't wait to see all of them

Nate and Brooke said...

These are amazing, you have an awesome talent! My lit sis looks so beautful, I love them! Thanks for posting these!

linda said...

Ah, so pretty!

Liz said...

Beautiful Photos!