Monday, February 20, 2012

Dallon & Natalie's wedding!

SO much to choose from, it was hard to pick.  For those who missed the reception, I hope I've given you enough to see how beautiful it was!   I love how happy these two are... Congratulations; I am most certain you will have a wonderful life together!  Oh and if you missed it, HERE is round ONE!

 Such cute siblings...
Great family!
Austin & Megan...  Austin sure did great when he found that cute little thing!

Dallon's family...

 Love the little girl's concentration!
Beautiful cake by Liz "Pace of Cakes"

 Mr. & Mrs. C.

 How cute is her grandma?!

 The girls...

 Natalie finally got to lose the shoes!  

 Love the bouquet!

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