Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Woodward Family

Let me introduce you to the Woodward family...  One thing I love is when people move to our beautiful little valley, jump right in and make it an even better place to live!  This is what this little family has done.  Mr. Woodward is the music teacher and is pretty much amazing at it...  He has the cutest, sweetest wife that helps him with the greatest "Footloose" musical!  He has darling kids that dance and sing along with the high school kids... Anyway, we just love em'!  Thanks for all you do!


linda said...

Ah, they turned out so cute! I love that plaid suitcase, and the piano is darling. Great job!

Faund Images said...

Thanks, Linda! I think you're my #1 fan! You should get a reward for being so sweet and commenting on here... LOVE YOU!

Lacey said...

I love this family! My word those kiddies are cute. Good job Faun, as always.