Monday, November 21, 2011

Conrad and Shelby - Engagements

Had some fun with Conrad & Shelby...   We went to the playground and I told them they ought to go down the twisty slide... well, they got up there and said they couldn't go side by side so I told her to ride on top of him.  Loved the sequence of photos near the bottom!  HAHA! This cute couple is getting married in Alaska!  WOW!

On their way down the slide!
They were laughing so hard... it made me laugh!
Thanks, you two, for playing with me!  HA!


Makell Wintle said...

What a fun shoot!!

Megan | Photography Contest said...

Lovely couple! And I love the slide photos and the ones with scribbles on the floor. :)

linda said...

Oh my gosh, can they get any cuter than this? Seriously, they are a cute couple, but Faun, you just keep outdoing yourself! I think my favorite is the shoe's peeking out from the slide. Don't know how you were able to get a clear pic with all that laughing you must have been doing.