Thursday, November 10, 2011

Elder Chappell

This is my most favorite Cameron!  We literally ran for about 30 minutes before he went to college... didn't have a lot of time but we got some fun shots.  What beautiful sunsets we have in our little valley!  Cameron has been one of my best helps with the summer reading program... he is pretty much a rock star with all the children of this county!  Elder Chappell is an amazing young man; talented, smart and so much fun to be with (my Lauren can attest to that with the hundreds of rides they went on together for "One Voice").  Elder Chappell has been called to Torreon, Mexico and leaves in December.  You will be an amazing missionary!

He's happy to go!  ;o)

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linda said...

Great looks like heaven is smiling down at him! Congrats Cameron, you'll be a great missionary.