Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mitch & Tayler - Engagements

My Nicole has told me how special Tayler is; how beautiful she is inside and out.  Nicole does not lie.  Tayler is such a sweetheart!  I have to say, I have never seen eyes that blue in my life and they BOTH have them!  We had such a great time... laughed a LOT!  They couldn't keep their beautiful eyes off each other!  SO CUTE!  Here are a few from the day....  There is no doubt that Tayler and Mitch will have a wonderful life together... um, and have beautiful blue-eyed babies!  haha


Brock and Chaley said...

Faun I love these! They are such a cute couple! Great job!

Never Completely Found said...

I recently stumbled upon your page, and let me just say, you're absolutely wonderful at what you do. I'm just sad you're in Utah and not closer to the East coast. Please keep doing what you're doing. The pictures of the couple are beautiful. Fantastic skill!