Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Life is great... but along the way there are a few not-so-fun moments. 
A few things I don't particularly care for:  kids growing up too fast, stink bugs, wrinkles, and saying good-bye...   My husband told me that I need to quit making friends because the minute I love someone, they up and move!  (You friends know who you are!)  Well, I can't help myself... and I did it again and once again... they ARE moving very far away.  Thank heavens for the Internet so I can see a little of how these adorable children grow up and through fb, I can read the funny things they say and do.  I will miss seeing these darling faces and good visits with Julie and I'll even miss the BIG man!  Thank you for moving to WC, for creating fond memories, for bringing happiness to all who know you... You will certainly be missed.   ...now, excuse me while I go get a tissue...

Love you guys!
To see the entire photo shoot, check here!

A few friends...  saying "We love you, Julie" and "You should NOT move, Julie!"  Pretty sure that's what I heard!

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Julie said...

I love you too Faun! I will miss my very favorite photographer, librarian, and friend you are awesome! And I of course will keep you updated on all things SHAW!