Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy Birthday, Ansley! - ROUND ONE

I have had the great opportunity to photograph Ansley from the time she was born (click here).  What a beautiful baby girl!  Then some more with her darling cousin... my favorite baby in a purse! (click here)  This is round one... the weather turned off cold and windy; not a good combination for a baby.  We'll do more later and I can't wait!


Kori said...

Darling!!!! I know i am biased as the grandma, but she is one beautiful baby!!! love you Ans!

Chelsie Lyman said...

That is one cute baby!!!
Amanda and Jeffery sure did make a cutie!!! :)
Nice pics faun...beautiful as always!

Hayley said...

Oh my gosh...she looks so much like Amanda! The eyes are exactly the same! I love your pics, I swear you photograph everyone in the county!

Skip and Faun said...

Ummm... no I don't! You're funny, Haylee! I only did 4 seniors this year... there a few more photographers in town so the work is spread out. :o)
AND Ansley does look like her beautiful and very sweet mom. Amanda is such a sweetheart!

Skip and Faun said...

Kori, you have every right to be proud! She is ADORABLE!
Thanks, Chelsie. You are right; they do make cute babies!

linda said...

She is one beautiful baby! What gorgeous eyes! Great job Faun! her parents should get some credit too...good job mom and dad!