Friday, March 15, 2013

Kiera's Senior Pics

You know how much you grow to love your kids friends? Well, I've watched this beautiful girl grow up with my daughter Lauren... they've been friends since age THREE! I find myself feeling very melancholy thinking of them being this big! How did this happen? I love this girl so much. ♥ 

I had one of those... "is this real" moments when taking this picture. I kept moving my camera and I could swear I saw lines of light but I thought it couldn't be that distinct. BUT IT WAS! This is really how it came out! Don't you LOVE surprises?!!!

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<")GoOsE("> said...

Kiera! you are so beautiful! you definitely have grown up especially since the last time I saw you which was like what? 3 years ago? Congrats on your grad!