Sunday, March 4, 2012

Kristen's Senior Pics!

Kristen... I can't believe she's a senior!  We ran out one day when it was snowing pretty hard and got some fun shots!  What a contrast to just a little later when we went out with sunshine and warm weather!   Funny moment of the shoot... having Kristen jump on an uneven rooftop in bare feet trying to jump HIGH and not land on a nail!  ...well not funny but her mom and I were laughing!  Scary moment of the shoot... having Kristen climb high on some rims and they all came tumbling down!  I feel fortunate that Kristen is still alive and well...  Love ya!

Picture this stack a lot higher... YIKES!  BUT I LOVE this photo, so hopefully it was worth it!

Love that smile!

We were having fun with this one!  haha!

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