Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ansley - She's 2!

Ansley's TWO!  It has been so much fun watching this adorable little girl grow...  I have been so happy to take her pictures from the time she was a newborn baby.  To see her ONE-year old photo session, click here.  What I've decided about two-year olds is... they do what they want so don't make a plan!  Her darling mom brought some things I thought would be fun and Ansley wanted nothing to do with either thing!  Try as we might, she would have nothing to do with the balloons... In a last ditch attempt of getting them in a photo, I asked them to just tie them to her wrist.  Well, Ansley would have nothing to do with that and proceeded to shake her arm til the balloons came free and they flew to the sky!   I snapped a photo of the balloons flying away and then turned the camera on her to get the reaction... I should really post them all because they are hysterical!  First she started laughing her little head off, then pointed and told her mommy to get them and then her look turned to "what the heck just happened?"  Oh my gosh!  SO FUNNY!
Love her smile!

She was happy as long as she had her doll and stroller!

Look at those legs!  She was really movin'!  HA!
We tried the horse...
We tried the chickens!  (Plus one duck!)
I saw something on pinterest (gotta love that)... I took the idea and created my own look!  I love how it turned out!

LOVE these two (top & bottom)
This is the "What the heck just happened?" look... as she watched the balloons disappear in the sky!
Seriously want to eat her up!

Thanks to the best little assistant EVER!  You were awesome!!!

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