Monday, October 3, 2011

Greg & Suzie - Engagements!

Suzie is one of Nicole's beautiful and very sweet friends...  (She is just like her mother!)  We had some fun with the color of this season.  WOW I have enjoyed the vibrant colors this year!  I wish I could get shots this packed with colors all year round.   This was a fun shoot, not only because it was Suzie, but because my two little side-kicks MaKell & Chaley came along!  Thanks for the fun time ALL of you!!!  One more thing...  All I have to say is this... Greg, YOU are a VERY LUCKY guy!  Congratulations you two!

And look at the concentration on their faces!  What balance!  HAHA!  This was fun & funny!

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Anonymous said...

Can I say that the 14th picture down reminds me of twilight :) I love the pictures ....LOVE THE FALL COLORS!! Jessica :)