Friday, October 21, 2011

Darci's Senior Pics

This little graduate is such a sweetheart.  Her dad's truck was too much fun... I guess I posted a lot with it but there were so many that I LOVED, I couldn't help it!
I think they could be on the cover of a magazine or something!  Congratulations, Darci!
LOVE!  She looks like a movie star, huh?!
 Love the relationship between these darling sisters!

 Darci is a letter writer!  This photo is a little tribute to the many letters she writes in support of missionaries all over the world!  You are a doll!


B+N said...

I love her lipstick.. I am going to buy one for myself. ha Love the red.. Good pics mom

Hayley said...

I used to baby sit Darci, I feel old! She looks very pretty and I LOVE the truck pictures!

Liz said...

What a cutie!! She is such a special girl and I love the photos Faun!

Anonymous said...

Darci is not only beautiful on the out side, but just as beautiful on the inside. She is sweet,kind and always has a smile every time i see her. great pictures! I love them!

Faund Images said...

AGREED.... Anonymous! ;o)

Steve Finnell said...

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