Thursday, March 10, 2016

Brian & AmberLee - Engagements

Sometimes I worry about my crazy ideas... "Let's go shoot on the ice", I said...  "It will be fun", I said!  It turned out to be VERY COOL (and cold) and a tad bit scary as I could see clear down under the ice and was listening to it cracking and moaning.  Brian kept assuring me we weren't going to go through it!  I have never seen such an amazing sport as this beautiful girl.  She went out there in those boots, through snow and the ice was SO slippery, I just knew one of us or BOTH of us were going down!  The wind was blowing hard and it started snowing a short time later and what an adventure it was!!!  BUT LOOK at these images!!!  SO WORTH IT!  

Because they have had a long distance relationship...  

Finally warmed up!

A perfect heart snowball!

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