Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Fine Art Photography

FIRST and foremost, thank you to these beautiful models!
Art is my passion... pushing the limits of creativity... creating art, rather than just taking a picture...
Compositing... creating an image that makes you think, that you relate to in some way.  Here are a few of my favorite over past couple of years... 
(Above)  This was my first attempt at Fine Art Photography.  This piece represents great meaning in my life.  I hope others relate to it in their own way...
LOVE both these images SO much!

(Above)  My first book cover design.  Hopefully not my last!
(Above)  This image brings great meaning to me as well.  What I love about it is the many ways people have interpreted it in their own lives.
I really love the mood in both these images!
Do you ever feel trapped?  I have enjoyed all the different interpretations of this image!

(Above)  One of my favorite composites... This image just makes me happy!
Lovely in the woods!

A little magical...

Dropped in on my dad one day, his feet swollen and purple from diabetes. I said, "Dad! Your feet look awful!" to which he replied, "Oh it's OK… It's a BEAUTIFUL day to be alive." He looks for the good; faces adversity with a positive outlook and humor. He had recently fallen three times, broken his rib, his wrist and hurt his neck… but he has his humor in tact. He didn't want me to shoot this photo with his cast and missing thumb but I felt it's part of his story...  I feel so incredibly blessed to have him at 94! 

Magic in the forest!

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