Monday, November 12, 2012

Grandma Kori's sweetest gifts!

This was such a fun photo shoot... Grandma Kori brought all kinds of goodies for us to play with, which made it even MORE fun!  Love their ponchos!

 Grandma Kori had the perfect entertainment... wands! Even I thought they were kind of magical! 

 Ready for the snow!

 How adorable are they? They would jump up out of the sack and smile so darling! Loved it!

 Linda B. ... thanks for the use of this awesome frame! You rock!
 She was a little concerned about her cousin at this moment... but I love the look on her face. What a little beauty!
 Oh goodness... this little girl had so much fun throwing snow at me! She just laughed her little head off at my screams! HA 
Sometimes when I'm on a shoot, something happens that just makes my day. This adorable little girl climbed in this rocking chair and started rocking really hard... as she got in full swing, UP went her little arm; like she was riding a bull! Oh my gosh... it was the best!

 Beautiful friend... inside and out.

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