Thursday, August 9, 2012

Brown Family

This photo shoot was very tender to my heart...  it's something that touches so many families.  I love the amazing support this family is showing for their sweetheart, mother and grandmother.  This family is strong and I have no doubt that they will indeed love her through it.   So many thoughts and prayers are coming your way, Duella!  <3>

 These are the treasures that mean the most...

 SO happy for these two!

 Do you like this look?
 Or do you like this look?
 What a beautiful support group!  They sure love their grandma!

This photo is special because of the shoes he holds.  They belonged to a good friend who passed away in an accident while serving our country...  They are shoes of a hero and this young man had the opportunity to wrestle in them... big shoes to fill.

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Susie Hatch said...

Faun! You made me cry, and that's hard to do! Thank you so much for the picture and sentiment! Love you AND your work, Susie