Sunday, April 1, 2012

Witch, Wizard & Damsel ... OH MY!

Last shoot of the day... Myriah made the girls up like a wizard, an evil character and a damsel.  This was the shoot that the girls most loved I think!  They were great actresses; looked and acted their parts well... it was so much fun to shoot and edit!  My family loves anything magical so this was simply a blast for me as well!  Myriah, thank you for your amazing talent and vision... YOU ROCK!

Myriah and I are teaming up to offer a few shoots this coming year.  She comes from LA, so we are working on dates and prices.  If you are interested, give us a shout out on facebook!   AND don't forget to LIKE Myriah's page (The Truth about Lucy) and Faund Images page!

Lauren, the magical wizard!
 Megan the evil!  (OH how I love this photo!)
 Faith as the shy damsel!  (I love this one as well!)  OH I just love them ALL!

Intense looks...

Facing off...  love it!
Love it!
Love it again!
Love it!

I love this shot with the horse so much!  Wanted to add a unicorn horn but it would have stabbed her!  haha!
I didn't edit this photo to have the stick outline the buffalo's face... It JUST HAPPENED!  I told you the day was MAGICAL!   The shot of the day!  Oh how I love it!
Megan's got her eye on me, the buffaloes have their eyes on Megan!  Love it!

I loved the power in this photo...  What a great day with some darling girls and the best make-up, design artist, costume lady EVER...  Myriah!  We LOVE HER!

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linda said...

It worked, i'm under their spell! what an amazing shoot. I love the bison in lauren's shot, perfect! I'm sad the photo shoot has come to an end...