Sunday, December 4, 2011

Taylor Family (J&M)

What a cute little family!   ...seriously, loved spending time with them even if we were all freezing!  This adorable little boy in the photo refused to give any of us a smile but I love his darling little sober face too! cute!


OH my gosh!  Too cute!

Thought a snowball fight might bring a smile... well, the rest of us laughed!!!

The other two members of the family... I love pets!

Tickling him brought a tiny smile!  I really could just eat him up!


B+N said...

HAHA he is giving the Zoolander face that's all

Faund Images said...

That's great! haha! He is so dang cute... I just wanted to kiss those cheeks! ;o)

linda said...

hey, at least you got the dogs to smile for you.

Faund Images said...

HAHA! The dogs were quite cooperative! lol said...

Nice Photos!