Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mecham Family Reunion!

Well, Joni & I go way back...  she is my smart friend that makes me laugh; I guess that sums it up!  Love her!   One of Joni's talents is CREATING THE BEST PARTIES EVER!   I think she could go into a party planning business... seriously.  This family might look like a bunch of "rednecks" because they went on an "Amazing Race" the day before!  The family got together because Joni's oldest son Trent, just returned home from an LDS mission and her next son Rhett, got his call the day before to Paraguay!   Wow, right?!  We had a great time taking pictures in the hurricane force winds that came to town on Memorial Day weekend!  haha...  Wind doesn't put a black cloud over their party!!!


B+N said...

I love the Taylor Family so much!

Anonymous said...

Good job Faun! I love the last one :) I am just leaving my anonymous comment!
Jessica Hamilton

Faund Images said...

Thanks, Jessica & Nicole! ...I love the Taylor family too!