Monday, November 8, 2010


For my son's reception, we served cupcakes....
Presenting BUTTERCUP CUPCAKES by Leisa's Catering  (435-979-4339)!   Let me tell you how yummy they are...
"Chocolate Surprise" had creamy ganash and fresh strawberries in the middle. Yes, it was a wonderful surprise when you took a bite!!!
   "De-Lime in De-Coconut" was a coconut cupcake with lime frosting.  One of my favorites!
      "The Hummingbird" had pecans in a buttercream cupcake with cream-cheese frosting.  One word... delightful!
         "Pink Lemonade" was a lemon cupcake with a tart lemon frosting... YUM! 
Are your mouths watering yet?  Yes, they were both delicious and beautiful!  Thanks, Leisa!


Hayley said...

It was a great reception Faun, had a good time. And the chocolate cupcakes were YUMMY!

linda said...

Yum is right! they were all delicious, I know cuz I had to sample all of them. The reception was beautiful too!