Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Dumas Family

Over 11 years ago, a beautiful woman with a darling hat and sundress walked in to the library...  We struck up a conversation that felt as comfortable as if I'd known her my entire life.  That was the beginning of an awesome friendship...  Fast forward a few years and here she is with her handsome husband and absolutely adorable children!  Bianca is an amazing writer...  one day we will most likely see her beautiful face on the back of some great literature!  (And maybe I'll take the photo for it!)   I just love this family!
Guy is a barber in S. Jordan so we took a couple of shots in the barber chair...  :o)


Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH.. Those kids have grown up!! Gordon is such a model and so is the little girl!! Beautiful Pictures. Good job MOM!!
Love Nicole

Makell Wintle said...

Wow look at her beautiful kids! The pictures look great mom. What a cute little family.

Bianca said...

We're sending these to EVERYONE!!!!

Anonymous said...

The models here in NYC are in deep trouble....that is the best looking group I've ever seen...and so authentically happy! Thanks for sharing these pictures! I am coming to verify the gorgeousness of these people next week! Love and hugs, Rich

Skip and Faun said...

Rich, whoever you are... you have a point. Good looking and SMART group of people!

Bianca said...

Faun, Skip:

Rich actually owns a home in Teasdale!

noelia said...

Hola Bianca, como estas?
me recuerdas. soy Noelia de España,
nos visitaste hace unos años, cuando viniste por primera vez a Alcalá para conocer a mis padres,
Cati y Sebas, mi hermana Nieves y su marido Quino.
Viniste a conocerme a la Zarza.
Quino me ha dicho que el ultimo correo que tiene tuyo, es de Octubre de 2010, por lo que me gustaría saber como estais tu familia y tú.
saludos Noelia.
mi mail es