Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Jason Taylor Family

Well if we didn't have some fun with these cute kids! I personally don't think you have to have smiles on every photo... love serious faces and funny faces too! So, this little cutie, Case, was happy if he could run where he wanted, sit where he wanted... you know... he's 18 months! :o)
I just followed him around and we got some awesome shots of those beautiful brown eyes of his! Then there is adorable little Heeley... well, she could model for me any day! What a doll! The goal was to get one good photo of each kid and one good family photo... well, I think we accomplished it. I especially love the one where Case is throwin' a little fit and the rest of the family are all looking at him! haha


Makell Wintle said...

I like this shoot, the one with him throwing a fit is awesome. And Case's slide picture made me laugh! Cute family

Hayley said...

This is a very cute family, once again well done Faun!