Friday, March 12, 2010

Uncle JR

OK... Everyone has a person in their life that they look up to, want to be like and admire, right? Well, I'm going to introduce you to that person in my life...

Meet my Uncle JR!
From the time I can remember, he has always encouraged me with my artistic endeavors and has been the most amazing example in every aspect of my life. Here's a little bit about him... He grew up in Loa, has painted 500 plus museum quality portraits, is a published artist, painted on-site in Denmark, Saudi Arabia and Africa and recently was a sole exhibitor of "Angels Among Us". This very special exhibit featured several "angels among us" from our own Wayne County.
He is truly a hero in my life. I love you, Uncle JR!!!
Visit his website at:

So, here's what he does... he takes the photo and creates a masterpiece! Simple as that! ...NOT simple but AMAZING! Here are a couple of my children he has done. Lauren, when she was three in the sunflowers and Nicole when she was eight, leaning on a fence. They are treasures!

If you have a snapshot you want turned into a piece of art, contact him!


Hayley said...

Those ARE amazing. It's cool to see where you get your inspiration!

JR Johansen said...

Faun: You are truly amazing to me. You make me sound better and look better than I deserve. Thank you for including me on your blog. I would love to come to my old home town to do some more portraits. Let's see what happens. Love ya, Uncle JR

linda said...

I'm so excited to finally meet your inspirational uncle (even though it was cyber-space) His work is beautiful! If he needs a middle-aged model, I'm sure I'm available!

Kristin said... amazing! *thanks* for sharing!!

Laura Johansen said...

Faun - these pictures are AMAZING! I love your blog! You are incredible! And fun to see JR's art here too - how cool to see both your art work together here =)

Skip and Faun said...

Kristin... he IS amazing! Thanks for commenting!

Laura... THANK you for the sweet compliments! When will you grace us with your presence? Haven't seen you in FOREVER!

juli said...

JR was so wonderful to our family. The portrait of Eric is truly beautiful. He really captured the sparkle in his personality.