Monday, June 22, 2009

Garrett & Stephanie

My nephew, Garrett and his sweet wife, Stephanie, came to visit from California. What a wonderful weekend to be with them and their beautiful, sweet little girls! In spite of the rain, the wind, nap time and you name it, we got a few cute photos of them. The girls are opposite and are never guessed to be sisters. MaKenzie is brown-eyed, olive skin, dark hair while her sister Jordyn is blond, blue-eyed and fair... How cute is that? We only get to see them once a year because Garrett is going to dental school, so we soaked up every minute. The mountain in the background of the photo of Garrett & Stephanie under the big tree is where he proposed to his sweetheart... so that picture has special meaning.

Love you guys! See you next year!

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