Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Larson's Reception

The reception was held in an absolutely beautiful old plantation house built in 1887. The owner told us that Theodore Roosevelt stayed there back in the day! The weather was horrible; the wind even blew a big branch down in the yard. Another tree fell on a power line and the power was out for most of the evening.

BUT, in spite of the technical difficulties, we took some fun photos, the candles set a mood that was very conducive to the atmosphere of the old home and everyone had a wonderful time.

One of my favorite little men EVER, Bjourn, fell into the pond... This is the picture of him showing me his wet pants!

This was held the night before Mother's Day so I wanted to put these great mom pictures in to pay tribute to them for all they do for their families and to make this wedding happen!


The Chappell Fam said...

I think these turned out FABULOUS Faun! I especially like the one with the bride and the pillars, and the one of the bride and groom walking in the trees.

cathandchristian said...

The pictures are truly beautiful! I am SO impressed that you were able to get so many great shots with the wind, rain and just crazy weather. I can't wait to see them all. It was a blast being with you and Skip! Can't wait to see you again!